The Dark Lens

Photos by Cédric Delsaux.

The Dark Lens, a hardcover book featuring dozens more photos of Star Wars characters wandering Earthine landscapes

Book Description

Jabba the Hut lurks in the shadows of a decrepit, abandoned warehouse, his toady eyes glowing; Boba Fett looms up from the fluorescent glare of an indoor car park, poised to kill; Yoda peers out inquiringly from the window ledge of some otherwise untenanted institutional building; Han Solo's cryogenically frozen form on a slab stands, installed bizarrely in an anonymous concrete plaza. Many scenarios to which Star Wars fans have dispatched the films' protagonists over the years.
In Dark Lens, Delsaux transports Darth Vader and the whole gamut of Star Wars iconography to a post-apocalyptic, urban-suburban landscape of endless parking lots, highrises and wasteland interzones, vacant of ordinary human life.

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