Aberration: The full list of Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

A number of tweaks and updates have been made to the original trilogy that have fans divided and the general public puzzled as to why Lucas would keep changing films over thirty years old.
For those looking for details as to what has been changed, users at the MilleniumFalcon.com forums have been pouring over the leaked Blu-ray edits.

A New Hope
01. Escape pod launcher lights now have heat trails over them, making them flicker.
02. Escape pod hatch is no longer blue.
03. More moisture vaporators added.
04. Leia hologram now looks more blue and prequelish.
05. Treadwell droid behind Uncle Owen while talking at the table (Was this there before?).
06. Binary sunset still has the passing clouds added.
07. The area beneath the Landspeeder actually looks GOOD.
08. As pointed out by Adywan, there are now rocks in front of R2 in his hiding spot in the canyon.
09. If you thought the DVD version of Obi-Wan’s Krayt Dragon roar was hideous, keep your thumb on the Mute button. That’s right. It’s WORSE now.
10. The new CG rocks that covered R2 are magically gone after he comes out of hiding.
11. 2004 detention center hallway still there and actually looks good.
12. Obi-Wan/Vader duel on Death Star lightsaber blades are bright and more consistent, though Vader’s is a bit pink in some of the shots.
13. Millennium Falcon vs. Sentry TIE’s, the shot that was revealed to us by LFL at the press event with the partial laser bolt IS FIXED in this MKV.
14. Brass can now be heard during X-Wing dive to the Death Star.
15. The glitch under Vader’s TIE and his escorts after “Three marks at two-ten!” has been fixed.
16. Energy wave sound from Death Star explosion sounds more balanced.
17. Vader’s breath sound can be heard when his TIE is spinning, but is very faint.

Empire Strikes Back
01. Flames added to probe droid “crater.”
02. Most of the blue tint on Hoth is gone. I said MOST.
03. Wampa arm is fixed, but not properly (See number 03 above).
04. When Obi-Wan appears to Luke, he can be seen better than before.
05. Snowspeeders look better against white snow than blue!
06. Garbage matte appears to be gone when the Rebel Transport and escort X-Wings leave Hoth.
07. Hamill’s “The first transport is away” is still there.
08. SE 1997 Luke goes up the grappling hook under the Imperial Walker.
09. R2-D2′s black panels in space are blue.
10. C-3PO still says “There’s nowhere to go” after saying “Oh this is suicide.”
11. On Dagobah, Luke still tells R2 “You were lucky to get out of there” instead of “You’re lucky you don’t taste very good.”
12. When Vader contacts the Emperor, it is still the altered 2004 version.
13. In the cave on Dagobah, the lightsaber blades are brilliantly colored red and blue and bright with white cores.
14. Boba Fett’s voice is still the 2004 “Kiwi” accent from Temuera Morrison.
15. When Yoda raises the X-Wing, the model shot is still the 2004 version with an attempted shadow under the vehicle.
16. Inside the Falcon cockpit while approaching Cloud City is no longer zoomed in.
17. All Cloud City 1997 and 2004 changes are still there, and still look out of place.
18. Shadows still removed from Han’s shirt as he goes into carbon freeze.
19. Vader’s “Alert my Star Destroyer….” crap is still there, unchanged.
20. The Imperial Shuttle leaving Bespin is still there, and the sunlight can still be seen through it.
21. The “double” top hatch on the Falcon is still there.
22. The alternate take of Vader’s arrival on the second Death Star in ROTJ is still used as his Star Destroyer.

Return of the Jedi
01. Static shot of droids approaching Jabba’s palace door is now a wide pan with a huge door.
02. “Jedi Rocks” is still there and unchanged.
03. The Binary sunset still shows the suns setting.
04. Han’s carbonite “thaw” has been replaced with CGI.
05. After Luke “Force chokes” the Gamorrean Guards, a prequel Dug walks across the floor where the residents are sleeping. It looks VERY fake, like it was “last minute.”
06. The fake shadows and artificial darkness are still present in the Rancor sequence.
07. The plastic looking herd of Banthas is still there.
08. The 1997 SE fake looking beak, tongue, and tentacles are still present on the Sarlacc.
09. Luke’s lightsaber blade is HUGE.
10. The Falcon and Luke’s X-Wing look good as they depart Tatooine. No transparency.
11. No blue engine hue from the Falcon.
12. Luke’s X-Wing engines are red with a white core.
13. When Obi-Wan appears to Luke on Dagobah in spirit form, his aura is white.
14. Rebel briefing graphics unchanged, but the reds are darker.
15. The Emperor’s throne room is now a dull blue color. It is almost white now compared to the 2004 DVD blue.
16. The greenery of Endor’s forest looks vibrant and greener than ever, but actually in a good way.
17. Wicket’s blinking eyes.
18. The fine hair of the Chewbacca costume can really be seen in HD.
19. The first Wokling’s eyes blink.
20. The colors are really off in the throne room.
21. The Emperor’s “face slugs” are no longer visible.
22. The shield generator energy arcs can no longer be seen through Ben Burtt, and the stuntman in the next shot can still plainly be seen.
23. When R2-D2 malfunctions from the blaster shot, the sparks look like purple Force lightning instead of blue-white electrical colors.
24. The only time the lightsaber blades look decent is when they are crossed in front of the Emperor’s face. The rest of the time, the colors and
brightness fluctuate like the 2004 DVD.
25. The color settings of this file make the Emperor’s Force lightning look like it’s from a VHS copy. There’s no sharpness to it, like a filter is over it.
25. Vader’s “NO’s” have been added. The first sounds like it has been sloppily laid on top of the mix, the second is from ROTS.
26. Vader’s unmasking is STILL Sebastian Shaw. Don’t believe the idiots that say it’s Hayden Christensen. At least, not on THIS MKV it isn’t.
27. 1997 SE and 2004 version revisions, “Weesa free!”, and Hayden Christensen still at the end.


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